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June 18, 2012

The importance of football

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These days an overwhelming majority of Europeans are following the Euro 2012 in Poland/Ukraine. Millions of people have expectations and speculate. Family, friends, colleagues and business contacts get together to watch the game. They express joy, frustration and despair. Back and forth. Like an emotional roller coaster. Eventually it is over. Disappointment or happiness. Everybody is analyzing and drawing self-confident conclusions of what went right or wrong. Everybody is a self-appointed expert. Then the preparation for the next game starts and new speculations and expectations are under way. And so it goes on. All over Europe and beyond. All of this because of 22 men are chasing a ball, trying to get it into the net. This is how the uninterested minority says. But football is football and as a matter of fact people are committed. The simplicity and excitement of the game appeal to fundamental human instincts. It is ingenious. And it brings people together cross borders. We cheer for our own country but we also enjoy watching other teams. And we respect the other teams that are playing in the tournament. In other words, football is a peace project. Also, with the Euro crisis pending, Euro 2012 may actually bring some concrete positive contributions to the table. The Greek re-election results show that there will now be a majority government that can rule the country in cooperation with the rest of Europe. And perhaps there is a connection with the fact Greece the other day unexpectedly qualified for the quarter finals. Making the Greek people cheerful and feeling more aligned with the rest of Europe. So never underestimate the importance of the game of football.

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